Technology Consultant Intern

PricewaterhouseCoopers || San Francisco, CA

Led a team in my second internship to develop a prototype of a voice interface feature. Developed the application from strategy to execution. Presented and demonstrated the new feature to client leadership.

Technologies Learned: Objective-C iOS Development, Force Touch, Sketch (mock-ups), Microsoft LUIS (NLP)

Senior Fellow

Code2040 || San Francisco, CA

Code2040 2017 Fellow, 135 out of over 1,300 applicants. Engaged with CEOs of established companies, VCs, and founders of young startups in programs surrounding diversifying the tech industry and starting our first venture.

Microsoft Surface Embassador

Microsoft || Champaign, IL

Represented the Microsoft Surface brand on the UIUC campus. Traveled to Hackathons to showcase the engineering capacity of Surface. Utilized Surface Dial API to create unique projects. Created social media and campus marketing plans.

Concepts Learned: Social Media Marketing, Campus Marketing

Technology Consultant Intern

PricewaterhouseCoopers || San Francisco, CA

Developed a Facebook AI chat bot application for a large scale health care provider in Northern, California made to handle user based HealthCare questions. Worked on concept, strategy, design, and technical implentation of the chatbot project.

Technologies Learned: Facebook Messanger Bot Development,, AIML


Code2040 || San Francisco, CA

Code2040 2016 Fellow, 87 out of 800+ applicants. Participated in workshops, hackathons, and networking events centered around diversifying the tech industry. Interned at partner company PricewaterhouseCoopers during fellowship.

Software Engineer Intern || St. Louis, MO

Software Developer intern at Answers. Reported to Engineering Manager Ryan Butler and worked on projects and software solutions that were implemented into Answers Cloud Services.

Technologies Learned: Kohana (PHP Framework), Laravel (PHP Framework), React JS, PHP development

Web Developer and Game Designer

University of Illinois || Champaign, IL

Designer and developer of Used as a part of Subsistence Market Place Coursera curriculum and for introductory business students at UIUC. Played over 10,000 times and by over 4,000 students world wide.

Technologies Learned: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Telling a story through a game.

Residential Advisor

University of Illinois Housing || Urbana, IL

Supervisor for floor of 70 undergraduate students. Developed and conducted programs on diversity, chemical abuse, personal development, relationships, security, and academic performance. Managed administrative tasks including room condition reports, maintenance requests, incident reports, and enforced college policy.

Skills Learned: Managing crisis situations, Mentorship, Leading large groups, Enforcing University Policy.

Assistant Web Developer

Illinois Water Survey || Champaign, IL

Assistant in general maintenance of ISWS web site ( This includes creating, updating, and monitoring web pages and associated files for appropriate information, creating and updating Intranet pages, and more.

Technologies Used: PHP ,HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML

Intern Accelerator

BLUE1647 || Chicago, IL

Trained in web development. Part of a team that created BLUE1647 8bit game. Worked for incubee founder Rianna Lynn and helped with preparation and presentations at Tech Week Chicago 2014, for company FoodTrace.

Technologies Learned: Game AI Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PhoneGap.

Multimedia Intern

Goodcity Chicago || Chicago, IL

Video Editor at Goodcity. Created a promotional video for Goodcity podcast on rising company ShoeHeels. Worked as an administrative assistant reporting directly to Director of Operations Rene Alvarado.

Technologies Learned: Video Editing iMovie